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BE Fit Food aims to optimise your weight loss efforts in order to achieve maximized and maintained weight loss. We develop and source innovative and specialized tools and programs to help people create comprehensive weight loss strategies.

The amazing BE Fit Food menu is a reflection of the people who work at the company: medical and nutritional science, integrity, innovation and compassion.


About our Meals

Our criteria for each meal is that they meet strict dietary guidelines, have real ingredients, are made only from whole foods, no additives or artificial ingredients, have freshness, are a pleasure to eat, are easy to transport while maintaining their appeal and are suitable to please most taste buds.

BE Fit Food Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists spend endless hours creating and testing recipes to meet their own strict menu criteria:

  • calorie and carb controlled
  • high in protein
  • all natural with no added sugar
  • low in salt
  • full of vegetables
  • a good source of many vitamins and minerals.

What is Nutritional Ketosis?

Nutritional ketosis is a state of health in which your body is efficiently burning fat as its primary fuel source instead of glucose. When undergoing a ketogenic diet you are essentially converting yourself from a “sugar burner” to a “fat burner”.  This is accomplished by reducing your consumption of carbohydrates, increasing your intake of fat, and consuming only an adequate amount of protein to meet your body’s needs.

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We look forward to helping you feel your best!
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‘Are Your Weekends Sabotaging Your Health & Weight Loss Goals?’

By Jaime Rose Chambers

For many of us, Monday marks the start of new beginnings; “the diet begins today!” we exclaim. Typically, this is not hard to follow; we have our routine, set eating times, limited exposure to sweets plus work the next day means cutting out the booze is easy. But something happens to many of us on a Friday afternoon, like a giant switch gets turned on and all rules get thrown out the window.

It often starts with Friday night drinks, maybe some pizza or wedges to go with it, big brunches, lunches and dinners out, cheese plates with drinks at a friend’s place, slipping out for gelato or a frozen yoghurt after dinner. Even with the grandest of intentions, we can overdo it by even just a couple of thousand calories and you’ve either balanced out the calories you worked hard to get off during the week or you might just overdo it enough that as the weeks go on, the weight begins to creep on.

Let me break down the maths for you: let’s say with your healthy eating and gym workouts during the week you manage to shave off 500 calories every day – that’s 2,500 calories you’re down by Friday, or the equivalent of a third of a kilogram of fat loss. Then Friday night hits and the fun begins with the extra food and drinks: a bottle of wine (750 calories), 5 vodka & sodas on Saturday night (350 calories), sourdough & butter with dinner (200 calories), 2 scoops of gelato (500 calories), a little cheese plate at a friend’s place (500 calories) and a row of dark chocolate after dinner on Sunday night (120 calories). That’s a grand sum of 2,420 calories. Just enough to balance out your hard work from during the week.

So how do you minimise the damage and maintain some consistency over the weekend without feeling like the fun police have come to visit? Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Alcohol – Pick just one night where you enjoy a few drinks and choose a spirit with soda water, which can help keep alcohol calories down. Ask for drinks in large glasses so you’re getting more water to spirits, which will slow down your drinking.
  2. Eating out – The extras we get in a meal eaten out can really add up. Pick just one meal in the day to eat out or if you eat brunch later, have just the two meals for that day with maybe a light snack in between. Avoid extras like bread & butter, fried entrees, sides like fries, desserts and cheese plates. Base main meal on protein such as fish, seafood or meat and make sure there are plenty of veggies or salad available and order extra if there isn’t.
  3. Brekkie or brunches – many breakfasts are super nutritious but some are starting to resemble a dessert, think coconut hotcakes, rice puddings, breakfast crumble. Choose protein-based eggs with lots of vegie sides, ask for a good quality grainy or rye bread and if they’re large slices, have just the one.
  4. Dips and cheese platter – this is tricky if you are the guest, but look out for vegie sticks or crudités, non-creamy dips like salsa, hummus, beetroot dips, rice crackers, figs & grapes. Get carried away and this can almost be a meal so avoid going out and eating more after.
  5. Activity – you may not have a set gym routine but that doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Go out and about in your exercise gear, walk to the shops, to brunch or the beach. Meet friends for coffee and go for a walk, do some gardening, chores around the house and generally aim to be on foot for most of the day.

Eat Fit Food

By Jaime Rose Chambers | Eat Fit Food’s Dietitian and Nutritionist
e: jaime@eatifitfood.com.au   w:

Fruit or no fruit?

This is one questions i get asked a lot- should we be eating fruit if we want to lose weight?

Personally, I am all about eating ‘real’ food and I have not met any fit, active person who has put on weight from eating fruit. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible!

It’s a tough one- but it really comes down to each individual (whether you respond well to these forms of carbohydrate), how active you are and your overall sugar intake.
If fruit and vegetables are really the only form of carbohydrate you have in your diet and follow a diet based around ‘real food’ then I say yes.
If eating fruit curbs your sugar cravings and stops you from eating chocolate then I say yes.
If eating a banana is a great, convenient way to get some complex carbs in post training then I say yes.
If you feel great eating fruit- energised, happy and not bloated etc then I would say your body loves fruit and thats also a big yes.
I hope this has been helpful in answering the ever-famous question of whether we should eat fruit. At the end of the day, if god grew it and it doesn’t come in packet, it’s already kicking huge goals compared to all the food out there available to us.
H x

Eating to be lean VS eating to be healthy

Eating to be ‘lean’ versus eating to be ‘healthy’. Is there a difference?

My opinion;

I think, if you eat to be healthy as opposed to eating with ‘being thin’ in mind, you will most likely be leaner.. In saying that, if you want to be leaner than your body likes to be, or underweight then you may need to adopt a stricter eating approach, which would leave you ‘not so healthy’.  But this often doesn’t last too long, as you are going against the grain of your being, so you will most likely see your weight yo-yo or start to suffer the effects of malnourishment.

Eating to be healthy on the other hand, gives eating a whole new meaning. You are now eating to nourish your body and your soul and coming from a place of love and self-respect. This is when you will really start to lean up in the right places, have a positive attitude with food and your body and also maintain a stable, lean weight.

Shift your focus and start eating to be healthy. Start eating ‘REAL’ food that is bursting with vitamins and minerals and start eating the foods that your body is asking for and really desires, as your body knows best.

bet some of you reading this post are disappointed that I’m not giving you some super strict diet that will get you lean over night. But I know first- hand that the only way you are really going to get into shape for life, is by learning to love your body and giving it the fuel that serves it best.

That is all for today,

Love Hayley x


My Febfast survival guide!

OK, so Febfast has officially begun and although my diet and alcohol intake is faulty under control i must say I am feeling excited above anything else. I have slightly overindulged over the last month, and not feeling quite as lean as I was at the end of December/start of Jan. So, i personally am looking forward to the results I will see physically and that for me will be my driving force and motivation over the next month.

  1. And that is my first survival tip you for Febfasters! Find you driving force! What are you looking forward to the most? seeing your body change physically? Having more energy? Changing bad habits? Once you have your personal driving force in the forefront of your mind, it will be your personal motivator and it will haunt you should you go to cheat!
  2. My second survival tip is to make sure you have the support of your friends and family! I suggest telling everyone around you, even your dog that you are doing Febfast! That way, there will be people supporting you and also holding you accountable. Tell them you want their support and help along the way and it may make a difference at just the right time!
  3. swap old bad habits for new healthy habits. That afternoon sugar craving that normally gets killed with a mars bar and is now going to get nurtured with some unflavoured yoghurt and raw almonds. That evening wine is going to get replaced with soda water and lime or a chamomile tea. You know the drill! habits are best broken with the replacement of a new habit.
  4. Drink loads of water! Flush out all the old toxins and rehydrate, to get you feeling fresh, clean and detoxified. You wont want to ruin these good, healthy vibes by drinking alcohol will you!?
  5. Exercise daily to keep yourself in a good headspace and keep focused on your healthy lifestyle. This will also help you to feel better and better each day, leaving you with less temptation to undo your hard work.
  6. Plan alcohol free social activities. There is no reason why you need to hide under a rock for the next month! In fact, get out there more! Walk the tan, have healthy picnics, go strawberry picnic, play golf for the first time- whatever you feel like doing. Now is the time to engage is fun, new, adventures!
  7. Think of the positives! There are so many good things that come from living a healthy lifestyle! Your weekends will be productive, you will have glowing skin, more energy, lighter in weight and a happier mind-set. Amongst other things…
  8. And lastly, DONT GIVE UP! You will have challenging moments and we are going to get past them. Each challenge you get past will make the next one easier. Remember your driving force, remember your positives, turn to your friends and family and remember it’s only one month! You can do this!

Get back to basics

Did you know the easiest and most effective things you can do for your health is still to get enough sleep, drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day and consume 5 servings of green vegetables per day?

Eat Your Greens

So many girls come to me stressing about all these things they think they should be doing for their health – detoxing, fasting, over training, vitamins, pressed juicing, saunas, steam rooms and the list goes on. But they are forgetting the very basic stuff and just stressing themselves out (and remember stress is one of the worst things for you).

So this week, lets just get the basic stuff happening and if the other stuff feels right and happens easily – then go for it! RELAX AND BE HAPPY!


My ‘go-to’ places in Byron Bay and Bali


I spend a lot of time in both Bali and Byron Bay and whenever anyone around me is off to either of these destinations they always ask me “What should I do?” and “Where should I go?”

Hence, now I can send them right here to my blog anytime they ask.

If you are after great healthy vegetarian style food then you cant go past Earth Cafe. Their menu is delicious and they make meals that traditionally are not so healthy, into healthy meals that taste amazing with wheat free, dairy free and vegetarian alternatives.
If you want to go shopping then anywhere around Seminyak Square is best, but be prepared to pay ‘almost’ Melbourne prices!
If you want to lay by a beautiful pool with a great organic healthy menu which also provides free wifi (I often spend days there by the pool working and eating raw food) then you cant go past Desa Seni in Canguu.
While you’re down that way you must also go to Betelnut Cafe for a ‘Naga Bowl’ – it’s just so yum!
If you want to exercise, do yoga, jungle treks, volcano climbs, and other adventures all while eating delicious clean food then you must go stay at a village just out of Ubud called ‘Sharing Bali‘. The fresh air and relaxation this village provides will send you home feeling like a new person.
My favourite picks for great restaurants also include – Saigon Street, Motel Mexicola, Mamasan, Barbacao and Mirah Putih.
Ahhh my favourite place on earth.
For food I love the Roadhouse, Bayleaf Cafe (the lamb salad is to die for) and Naked Treaties (fabulous raw food and green smoothies).
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.23.49 pm
The light house run/walk is a must see. It’s only around 20-30 minutes to the top and its a great way to stay fit while you are in Byron Bay. Do it the first day and time yourself, and try to improve on time over the course of your stay.
The Crystal Castle – if you want to get all spiritual (this is what being in Byron is about!) I don’t know anyone who leaves the Crystal Castle feeling like they haven’t achieved something. It will open your spiritual eyes.
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.28.14 pm
For shopping there are so many amazing stores around Johnston street. I LOVE Spell Designs. But just wonder and you will come across some of Australias best boutique stores.
At Main Beach – hire a bike for your stay or do a half day surf lesson, it’s so much fun!