A standard day of eating…

I am reading this fabulous book at the moment called Intuitive Eating, and it is all about the diet mentality and eating for the reason of weight-loss as opposed to fuelling and nurturing your body. The theme of the book sums up my way of thinking to a TEE!

One of the things I really try to instil in my clients is that if you focus on weight loss too much as the reason behind what you eat and your exercise- there is every chance you will fail. And i’ve seen it- over and over and over among the hundreds of clients I have worked with in the 17 years I have been in the industry. As soon as I can get them to shift their focus to eating to look after themselves and eating intuitively- when they are hungry and what foods feel ‘right’ to eat, they naturally make the right food choices, they have the energy to train properly, their bodies take on a different form and yes- they are lighter and a more stable weight as a result. We need to BREAK the diet mentality! I get it- its hard to do!!

I get asked a lot from clients, followers, magazines, texts, emails etc etc, what I eat on a standard day of eating and although I will share with you what a day in the healthy life of Hayley involves- everyone is different and you need to eat what is right for you! What feels good to you? I know my body responds really well to a more protein/fat based diet and If I am eating to be healthy and nurture my body that is what my body asks for.. that doesn’t mean I don’t have cheat days, go out for nice dinners with partner and watch my diet closely when I am preparing for a shoot etc- I do. But 80% of the time, I eat the way i have outlined below, I eat to nurture my body and keep my energy levels up, I eat what makes me feel good at the time and afterward and I eat because I want to feel my best and have enough energy to give my clients! Thats my driving force!

What is your driving force?

Eat Your Greens

Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating.



Breakfast- 2 x pieces of homemade, quinoa loaf (loaded with seeds) with 2 poached eggs, loads of spinach panfried in some organic butter and some ‘vegan kimchi’ as it is super good for the gut!

Midmorning- a green smoothie loaded with organic spinach, kale, alfalfa, vegan pea protein powder, frozen blue berries and coconut water.

Lunch (generally post training)- sweet potato spud with some lamb, hummus broccoli and tabouleh.

Afternoon- green smoothie as above

Dinner- home made mexican bowl. I pan fry chicken and onion in coconut oil and garlic. I add in jalapeños, capsicum and taco seasoning. I then put it in a bowl with a big handful of spinach leaves plus some avocado and goat fetta smash.

I drink 3-4 litres of water per day and I keep alcohol to the bare minimum. I May have 3 coffee’s over a week with 1/2 milk, generally coconut milk.

There you have it – ! My intuitive way of eating.

I dare you to see what happens when you start eating intuitively.

Hayley x

The 3 most effective ways to ‘keep lean’.

One of those topics I get asked about consistently, and with all the contradicting theories out there – its no wonder. Of my 17 years in the fitness industry, I have seen, tried, tested, heard about, laughed at, tried again and made many errors in a quest to keep my body how i like it.

I was one of those typical skinny girls that could NOT gain weight at all, until i turned about 23 and from there my weight yo-yo’d for years while i tried and tested different diet and training programs until finally i settled into something that worked. and you know, what it is no where near as hard and torturous as some as the other millions of things I tried.

The first and most important thing i find works is not NOT over train, but to train effectively. I used to do 2 hours of cardio every single morning and and then do either a circuit class or a pump class every evening. And if i didn’t, i would call myself lazy and beat myself up over it. But, as a result I was bulky from too much repetitive movement, starving from burning so much energy, binge eating because I was SO dam hungry and never as lean as I am not through proper training of just 45 mins 4-5 times per week. Over training and slaving away at long periods of cardio DOES NOT WORK!

The second thing that is super important is strength training. if you are doing proper strength training you can get away with so much more and enjoy a much more balanced lifestyle. Your diet can be 70% right instead of 100% right and you will stay just as lean. Cardio training just allows you to burn some energy during your workout (in terms of the physical aesthetic benefits!). Rarely, will it help to build lean, dense muscles that efficiently burn calories at rest, nor will it allow to continue to burn energy for hours after your workout. And, it wont do much to change the actual shape of your body. I do 1, maybe 2 cardio sessions per week as I am time poor and can only fit 3-4 sessions per week of my own training in (I am too busy training my clients!) so i allocate at least 3 of those work outs to strength training, purely because I know how much more I am going to get out of my workouts. Unless, i am drinking cocktails and really enjoying nights out for dinner a bit too much (which happens every now and then) my body stays as I like it. And thats just from 3-4 45 minute sessions per week!

And thirdly, consistency is perfect. stick to a training program and eating plan that you can stick to! I like to call it a realistic lifestyle plan! don’t try to starve or lock in an obscene amount of weekly workouts. You will end up changing weight every week, binge eating, starving, sick, exhausted, miserable and eventually fat anyway. Work out a plan that allows you to get results and stay there, while maintaining optimum energy, health and happiness!  HAYLEY 18931final

Protein snacks to conquer your sugar cravings

If you are craving sugar it is often a sign that your blood sugar levels aren’t balanced.

Before you reach for the ‘quick fix’ your body thinks it desires try a protein hit mixed with good fats and/or good quality carb. Then see if you still feel like the chocolate bar you nearly devoured (I bet you wont)!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.06.20 am

I have put my favourite snack ideas below:
– Boiled eggs! Boil up a batch of eggs at the start of the week and keep them in the fridge. They are the perfect ‘go to’ protein snack.
– Carrot and celery sticks dipped into a hummus dip. Make sure your hummus is either homemade or just has very basic ingredients i.e. chickpeas, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.
– Chobani yoghurt (unflavoured) with berries, and raw almonds.
– A can of Sirena tuna in water with cherry tomatoes and goat fetta.
– Protein smoothie – a good quality milk, blue berries, coconut oil, Proper Protein Vegan Coconut Protein Powder and half a frozen banana.

Get back to basics

Did you know the easiest and most effective things you can do for your health is still to get enough sleep, drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day and consume 5 servings of green vegetables per day?

Eat Your Greens

So many girls come to me stressing about all these things they think they should be doing for their health – detoxing, fasting, over training, vitamins, pressed juicing, saunas, steam rooms and the list goes on. But they are forgetting the very basic stuff and just stressing themselves out (and remember stress is one of the worst things for you).

So this week, lets just get the basic stuff happening and if the other stuff feels right and happens easily – then go for it! RELAX AND BE HAPPY!



There is something about waking up early in the morning for a group fitness session with like-minded enthusiasts, don’t you think?

There are many reasons outdoor group training gives fantastic results for people and I am going to tell you why.
Did you know that? Yep. The different terrains, the temperature, having loads of space around you are just a few of the reasons you burn more energy outdoors than slaving away on cardio equipment indoors.
Even if you aren’t a competitive person, just by training with a group that may have an average fitness level higher than yours will raise your mindset and the intensity that you work at. If you are competitive then group training is even more perfect for you. Not only will you be trying to beat everyone else but in doing so you are challenging yourself and raising the intensity for everyone else. Go you!
Not only will having a great trainer motivate you and challenge you, but they will also provide a balanced program that includes all the types of exercises and training types that will get you to your fittest self! A good trainer will provide strength exercises for the whole body with a focus on core based functional movements. They will always correct your posture and technique and they will also challenge you with some HIIT work and plyometrics (as you get fit enough).
Group training often works out significantly cheaper than personal training and in my opinion will produce the same results if not better results (bootcamp style programs, not cardio based gym classes). If you are on a budget and don’t mind fitting in with a timetable and are happy to train amongst others, then definitely give group training a go!
Check out my new 8-week bootcamp course starting this Monday 21st September!

EAT FIT FOOD www.eatfitfood.com.au


I received an exciting email last week to trial and do a product review on Eat Fit Food. Of course I acted professional as opposed to super excited! I have previously done my research on this company and their principles on nutrition and healthy eating are exactly the same as mine. My 2 days of eating ‘eat fit food’ was sugar free, contained plenty of vegetables and raw food, free of wheat, gluten, dairy, red meat and bad fats. It did contain good quality grains, proteins, greens, more greens, was portion controlled and every meal was delicious!

Having my meals for 2 days left conveniently at my front door and knowing that everything I was putting into my body, was taking care of my temple (and my goals!) had me in a world of bliss. Today rolled around and I was like “crap I need to get organised”!

And that there is the biggest problem for so many people! Lack of time and as a result being unorganised. Every single one of my clients are educated on nutrition and how to eat right. But do you think they all put my teachings into practice! NO! And that is the number one excuse.

Now, I know that in 2 days you wouldn’t expect me to notice too much of a difference in the way I feel and to be completely honest I definitely didn’t either! I eat this way 85% of the time anyway. But maybe it was the mix up in different vegetables, the variety of different foods, that ratio of fats/carbs and proteins- but whatever it was – WOW! I feel leaner, energized, my eyes are bright and well, I want more!

Eat Fit Food have plenty of high profile clients, who quite obviously look after themselves and are putting the right foods into their bodies. Hugh Jackman, Deltra Goodrem and Michael Klim are some to name a few. If you are one of those people who really want to look after themselves, look their best and find yourself failing for whatever reason then I can’t recommend this company enough. Visit them at www.eatfitfood.com.au and place your order! I am just ordering my 5 day cleanse now. 😉

Hayley, LMB x