Shape up!

So many women whinge to me all the time about how unlucky they are because their bodies like to store fat and ‘it’s just too hard to keep it off’. Let me get one thing straight. Anybody, without a physical defect preventing them from exercising can have the body they want. And most female’s bodies like to store fat- this is a fact. My body would love to store 20% more body fat if I gave it the chance to. I have learnt to appreciate that I have to work that bit harder than some because as a result I put all the right things into my body, I get outdoors and exercise each day and experience an endorphin release that I live for, I am highly functional, I have great skin, I have way too much energy, I am positive, happy, healthy and I will probably live till I’m 100… and I could go on. Can I suggest you look at this terrible disadvantage in the same way??

I have been running girls only group sessions for over 12 years now and one of the things I love doing is getting to the venue 30 minutes before the sessions starts, sitting on a park bench, I-pod in and planning my session. My sessions are always roughly the same in intensity- hard, fast, a resistance exercise for each muscle group with particular focus on the typical ‘problem area’s’, fun (of course) and effective in terms of burning calories, getting our heart rates up there and keeping our little engines purring and burning calories for the entire day. People who do my sessions will tell you they feel amazing afterward and for the entire day.  People who do my sessions 2-3 times per week for months or even years will tell you how amazing they feel and how much their fitness levels increased from my sessions. So many girls start my sessions after years of going to the gym and they say ‘I have no idea what I have been doing in the gym this whole time’.  Another common observation my clients find is that a 30 minute run (which they used to find hard) suddenly becomes easy after just 4 weeks of doing my sessions. I am not surprised. My sessions aim to get you fit fast and will make a 30 minute jog become easy. And this is how you should be training!

A great, effective and convenient way to train is to include short bursts of intense cardio throughout the session which is responsible for getting you fit fast and burning enormous amounts of calories. You must also include a resistance exercise for each muscle in your body which will see your body change shape and tone up in all the right places. The beauty of resistance training is that you can literally change the shape of your body and create the body you want by focusing on the muscles you want to change. For me- I want a perky butt, flat abdominals,, toned limbs and great posture.. You cannot achieve these sorts of benefits through cardio. The other benefits that come with resistance training is that you don’t just burn calories during your workout, you continue to burn calories all day long. As your muscles get more toned they weight more (hence your weight can go up on the scales) but they actually get smaller in size and by having more lean muscle weight your ability to burn calories increases and you become a fat burning power house- this is what we want!!

Cardio, on the other hand only burns calories, whilst you are doing it although at a much higher rate. It also gets your heart going, raises your metabolic rate and increases your fitness levels, particularly the forms of cardio outlined in these session. These sessions are also designed for maximum release of endorphins (your happy hormone!) to get you feeling addicted and keep you coming back for more.

I didn’t need to be brain surgeon to come to the conclusion of combining resistance training and intense cardio and get all these positives out of the one session, train effectively while making every second count. The reason these sorts of sessions are so effective is that they are just that- A unique combination of cardio and resistance training. They are designed for maximum effectiveness and efficiency and to give you all the pluses from both resistance training and cardio with the intention of giving you results and giving you results fast! Aim to perform these sorts of training programs 2-3 times per week as your muscle need recovery after strength training. I would recommend just cardio and stretching in between.

Another great practise for you, is while you are exercising imagine your body changing and transforming. Focus on the area you want to change or with your resistance training the areas you are working and imagine it decreasing in size or changing shape. Imagine the cellulite disappearing. Imagine yourself standing on the beach in a bikini and people staring at you enviously. And then know that you can achieve this. Because you can, like I said, anyone can have the body they want. Obviously, there are things that cannot be changed without the help of a good surgeon (i.e. breasts) but beyond that you can have the perfect body. Don’t ever listen to the little negative voice that tries to tell you otherwise. Laugh at it!!

Happy training!

Hayley x

LMB’s Interview with Ally Shaw, founder of six30 Compression Clothing

Ally, When did you first decide to start your own business?

To be honest I have had the idea of starting my own compression label about 3-4 years ago. I left Australia to travel the world, get some experience, do some networking, suss out some materials and also what the overseas market was like.

 Did you go to university or tafe? If so what did you study?

I studied at Victoria University from 2005-2008. I studied three different courses in the first year. Law, Event Management and Financial & Strategic Management. I didn’t enjoy any of them and to be honest I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do as a career (thats clearly obvious – 3 courses in 1 year). A family friend suggested I look at studying Entrepreneurship. My father had just started his own online business at the time and that was something that really interested me, so I finished my studies and came out with a Business Degree – Small Business and Entrepreneurship. I absolutely loved this course, it was very hands on, very me and I knew that soon enough I would start my own business!

Where did your business name come from?

The SIX30 (pronounced six three zero) name arrived from the idea that…

There are 6 main benefits of compression clothing – 1. accelerates blood flow, 2. boosts performance, 3. helps reduce muscle damage/injury management, 4. improves muscle efficiency, 5. helps you work harder for longer and 6. helps you recover quicker.

There are 3 main uses for compression clothing – work, rest and play. And the 0, well there are no negative effects of compression clothing.

I felt it screamed sport, lifestyle, experience, performance and passion, which is what my label is all about!

Did you need to find funding prior to starting your business?

As I started pretty small with only 15 products in my range I didn’t need to borrow money. I saved hard for a year and had enough capital to get my business going.

What were the processes you needed to go through before you could start selling your products?

Through this process I have learnt there is a bit more to starting a business then meets the eye. Thankfully I had my father who had already started his own successful Online Cycling Store (Velogear) to mentor me. First I had to find a supplier I was happy with. This was definitely the hardest part. Once I found one that I liked I still went back and forth with my supplier getting the right materials, the right design and the right fit. Numerous testings of the compression gear also took place using scientific and medical experts, athletes and of course myself and family members. The entire design of the product took about 6-12 months.

Designing the logo, undergoing my business plan and starting the website were the easy steps.

Did you design your products? Or if you used a designer how did you find them?

The supplier I used already had a good foundation of products, there was just quite a few tweaks that needed to be made. I had a family friend design my logo and mark. I then designed the layout of my product, logo and mark with the help of my family and friends. However, the design process is ongoing, and always will be. Fashion and style changes every season and so you need to keep ahead, or atleast up to date with the fashion and style of the moment. 

Who did you go into business with? Was this an easy choice?

I am the sole founder of SIX30. But I get a lot of help and advice from my father, who has 25 years of manufacturing experience. I also get a lot of product input from pro athletes, which has been extremely beneficial to the success of my brand I think.

 What makes SIX30 different to other compression gear brands?

Our price point!!!

Our first one hundred customers were asked to write a review on the products they received. We received some outstanding reviews stating our products as good as if not better than Skins and 2XU. 

We have also had independent AFL players, VFL players, Dual Olympians and Physiotherapists review our clothing and they all raved about SIX30.

We believe our products are the best on the market and are of the highest quality, but for a third of the price of the other major brands!

What benefits have you had from having a head of advisory panel?

Our head advisory panel includes:

Roman Shaw BSc (Hons) – Who also happens to be my father. As a research chemist he had a great scientific knowledge and understood what was required of a material to make it have that compression effect. Having 25 years manufacturing experience he also helped set up the business side of things.

Johanna Lyle – Dual Winter Olympian was one of many athletes we used to test our compression clothing on. With her vast knowledge and contacts she was a great asset to the team in developing SIX30 products.

Numerous medical and science consultants were consulted on a project by project basis.

Myself (Ally Shaw) BBus & Dip (Sewing & Design) the founder, creator, designer, marketer and director of SIX30.

And ofcourse our Pakistan supplier and their team of medical experts and scientific researchers.

How have you found is the best way to reach out to your consumers? 

Being in the same industry I was lucky enough to have contacts from my fathers cycling business. I am now switching my focus to online marketing to further improve my business and get the SIX30 name out there.

What has been the hardest part of running your business? 

The hardest part has been getting the SIX30 name out there and entering the market with 2 of the biggest brands in the sporting world.

I have worked extremely hard on my business and I want to see instant results. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. But I should consider myself very lucky. The first 4 months have been extremely successful, much better than I anticipated.

What has been the most rewarding part of starting your own business?

The most rewarding part of my job is hearing customers’ feedback. Their feedback has been extremely positive, and it really does prove that all my hard work is starting to pay off.

It’s also amazing when you see someone in your product. It’s a great feeling!

If you could give advice to someone wanting to start their own business, what would that be? 

Just do it! There is nothing to loose, besides perhaps a little money. But as long as you back yourself and have a solid business plan and direction you will not fail. Strive big and you will succeed!

My girlfriend is thinking of starting her own business. She always comes to me for advice and help with her business plan. It is very flattering.

So what does the future hold for SIX30?

SIX30 will be launching its summer range in November. The SIX30 sportswear and yoga wear range is unique, bold and colourful and ofcourse our prices are low! 









What is it about ‘bootcamps’ that has everyone eagerly signing up for training sessions, anticipating miracle results after just one course? Surely it’s not all the sweat, tears and torture that has them lining up in droves!

There are so many fitness businesses popping up everywhere which are primarily focused on marketing bootcamps. However, being in the industry myself, I have come to notice that rarely do any of these businesses actually resemble the stereotypical bootcamp methodology. However, if they were to start promoting their businesses as ‘group training’ which is essentially what it is, I have no doubt their businesses would slowly and surely halve in size.

I’ll tell you what it is that makes the idea of bootcamp so appealing. Presumably, it is not the torture, sweat or tears, but rather, the condensed period of time, and the perceived perception of a ‘quick fix’. In some ways it is not too dissimilar to the miraculous diet pill that will apparently shed kilos off you in just one week. Or, the new machine that will burn centimetres of fat off you almost instantly! No doubt!

It is human nature that when it comes to staying lean, toned and healthy we are attracted to the idea of a ‘quick fix’. For some reason, a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating is simply not as appealing as the short-term solution of anything and everything that promises to help you shed those unwanted kilos.

Allow me to let you in on a secret. When it comes to looking and feeling your best physically, unfortunately there is no miracle solution, and anything that makes these claims does not work. The idea of a bootcamp appeals to people, because of the idea that they can achieve their ultimate fitness and weight loss goals in the duration of the course. Their lives will be complete and they will stand on the beach in their togs while girls and guys stare at them longingly with drool coming from their mouths and envy in their eyes.

It is worth understanding that while yes, you may reach your weight loss goal by completing a bootcamp course, or make great progress toward achieving your goals, the fun doesn’t stop there. Being fit and healthy or maintaining any sort of results achieved means a lifestyle of physical activity and healthy eating. In a nutshell THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!

While this may seem terribly inconvenient, tedious and boring, luckily for us, the benefits of this lifestyle do not stop at looking amazing. You will also find that your energy levels increase ten-fold. Your skin obtains a healthy glow. You bounce out of bed in the mornings with a new passion for life. You get promoted at work due to your new level of productiveness. You stop getting sick every week! And, I could literally go on and take up this entire magazine… So, can I suggest you look at this terrible tedious and boring inconvenience from a new perspective?

Make the decision today to invest in a fit and healthy lifestyle – for life! Sure, go sign up for that bootcamp to kick-start your new lifestyle. But don’t stop there! Continue this way of life and you will not only get to enjoy showing off your great physique, but also reap all the other additional benefits and live a quality of life you had previously only dreamt about. Lucky you! I can tell you now, it will most likely be the best decision you ever make.



The Business of Corporate Fitness.

Whenever I meet people who are overweight, stressed, unfit and suffering from an array of health problems, I always make a point of asking how they got that way. Of course politeness prevents me from being quite so blunt, so my more sensitive question is “Do you make time for exercise?”

I don’t ask to be intrusive or condescending or because I want to make them clients (although it would definitely be in their best interest!) but because I am genuinely puzzled that they don’t realise the difference exercise could make to their lives.

Nearly always, the answer to my question is no, and the reason for it is their busy corporate lifestyle. I’m sorry, but this particular excuse, answer, whatever you want to call it, simply does not sit right with me. Let me ask a few loaded questions to explain why, particularly if this all sounds very familiar to you…

How often do you waste half an hour of potentially productive time trying to work through a throbbing headache? You know the one, where your eyes go blurry and it feels like someone is repeatedly putting a hammer to your temples. How often do you get tired mid-afternoon and count down the hours until you can go home, only to realise four hours later that you haven’t really done much work, and now need to stay back an extra two hours to make up for your lack of productivity?

How often do you take sick days? Why don’t you turn those eight hours of missed work into eight hours of feel good exercise? Do that, and there’s a good chance you’ll never need to take a sick day in the first place.

How often do you see the fit, lean guy come into work in the morning looking happy, cheerful and bright-eyed, getting through the day with ease, and wonder how he does it? There is no secret. The only difference between you and him is that he makes the time for exercise!

So many people say to me, “I’m just too tired to get up any earlier”. But isn’t your health and wellbeing more important than a sleep in? It only takes 30 minutes a day, not necessarily in the morning, to make a big difference to your quality of life.

When I put this to people they umm and ahh over it and then realise that I’m dead right. But more than that, what I try to make clear to them, is that taking half an hour or more out of each day to exercise will actually leave them feeling less tired in the short and long term.

Exercise not only combats fatigue, leaving you more energised, it also helps you think more clearly and ensures better productivity throughout the day. After exercising you will naturally choose healthier foods, feel happier, look better, get sick less… do I need to go on?!  Because I could go on and on and on and take up almost the entire magazine, talking about the benefits of exercise.

Some of my fittest and most regular clients are corporate people whose jobs are endlessly demanding. They make exercise a priority in their life and they reap the benefits. They are the people you see bouncing into work and experiencing success in their role, moving up the corporate ladder easily and effortlessly.

They function on a higher and more productive level, probably getting through the same tasks as you in half the time.  Not only are they successful in their workplace, but because they make time for exercise, they also have the energy to cook healthy meals, go out socially, date, think creatively, laugh and even stop to enjoy nature and everything else this amazing world has to offer.

So I’m going to let you in on a secret. Do not let work rule your life – make exercise your friend. Just try it! Start small, it might mean a 20 minute walk in your lunch break and then gradually two gym sessions a week before work. Plan a realistic training program and STICK TO IT for four weeks, then reassess. I bet you’ll wish you’d read this article six months ago, or even six years ago!

After four weeks of incorporating exercise into your life, the new routine will stick, you’ll start getting through your workload quicker and avoid that afternoon fatigue. You’ll see the fit, lean guy dancing his way out of work and you’ll be able to pull your belt in another notch and dance out of work with him – an hour earlier than usual no less!

Stay posted for next week’s article, which will give you a simple training schedule to follow, easy changes to make to your diet, and tips to stay healthy throughout the working day. I promise it will all be easier to commit to than you ever thought possible. And in turn, will make your corporate desk-sitting lifestyle easier, more enjoyable and more productive!