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at Love My Body we empower women to look and feel their best through the practise of good nutrition, the right training for our bodies and the right head space. We run girls only bootcamps around Melbourne, that are tailored with nutrition coaching. We also run week long and weekend health retreats in Bali, Byron Bay and out of Melbourne. Best of all, we love what we do and we are here to help you. LMB x


About Be Fit Food

BE Fit Food aims to optimise your weight loss efforts in order to achieve maximized and maintained weight loss. We develop and source innovative and specialized tools and programs to help people create comprehensive weight loss strategies.

The amazing BE Fit Food menu is a reflection of the people who work at the company: medical and nutritional science, integrity, innovation and compassion.


About our Meals

Our criteria for each meal is that they meet strict dietary guidelines, have real ingredients, are made only from whole foods, no additives or artificial ingredients, have freshness, are a pleasure to eat, are easy to transport while maintaining their appeal and are suitable to please most taste buds.

BE Fit Food Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists spend endless hours creating and testing recipes to meet their own strict menu criteria:

  • calorie and carb controlled
  • high in protein
  • all natural with no added sugar
  • low in salt
  • full of vegetables
  • a good source of many vitamins and minerals.

What is Nutritional Ketosis?

Nutritional ketosis is a state of health in which your body is efficiently burning fat as its primary fuel source instead of glucose. When undergoing a ketogenic diet you are essentially converting yourself from a “sugar burner” to a “fat burner”.  This is accomplished by reducing your consumption of carbohydrates, increasing your intake of fat, and consuming only an adequate amount of protein to meet your body’s needs.

WE DELIVERY VICTORIA WIDE. You can place your order now at http://www.befitfood.com.au

We look forward to helping you feel your best!
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‘Are Your Weekends Sabotaging Your Health & Weight Loss Goals?’

By Jaime Rose Chambers

For many of us, Monday marks the start of new beginnings; “the diet begins today!” we exclaim. Typically, this is not hard to follow; we have our routine, set eating times, limited exposure to sweets plus work the next day means cutting out the booze is easy. But something happens to many of us on a Friday afternoon, like a giant switch gets turned on and all rules get thrown out the window.

It often starts with Friday night drinks, maybe some pizza or wedges to go with it, big brunches, lunches and dinners out, cheese plates with drinks at a friend’s place, slipping out for gelato or a frozen yoghurt after dinner. Even with the grandest of intentions, we can overdo it by even just a couple of thousand calories and you’ve either balanced out the calories you worked hard to get off during the week or you might just overdo it enough that as the weeks go on, the weight begins to creep on.

Let me break down the maths for you: let’s say with your healthy eating and gym workouts during the week you manage to shave off 500 calories every day – that’s 2,500 calories you’re down by Friday, or the equivalent of a third of a kilogram of fat loss. Then Friday night hits and the fun begins with the extra food and drinks: a bottle of wine (750 calories), 5 vodka & sodas on Saturday night (350 calories), sourdough & butter with dinner (200 calories), 2 scoops of gelato (500 calories), a little cheese plate at a friend’s place (500 calories) and a row of dark chocolate after dinner on Sunday night (120 calories). That’s a grand sum of 2,420 calories. Just enough to balance out your hard work from during the week.

So how do you minimise the damage and maintain some consistency over the weekend without feeling like the fun police have come to visit? Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Alcohol – Pick just one night where you enjoy a few drinks and choose a spirit with soda water, which can help keep alcohol calories down. Ask for drinks in large glasses so you’re getting more water to spirits, which will slow down your drinking.
  2. Eating out – The extras we get in a meal eaten out can really add up. Pick just one meal in the day to eat out or if you eat brunch later, have just the two meals for that day with maybe a light snack in between. Avoid extras like bread & butter, fried entrees, sides like fries, desserts and cheese plates. Base main meal on protein such as fish, seafood or meat and make sure there are plenty of veggies or salad available and order extra if there isn’t.
  3. Brekkie or brunches – many breakfasts are super nutritious but some are starting to resemble a dessert, think coconut hotcakes, rice puddings, breakfast crumble. Choose protein-based eggs with lots of vegie sides, ask for a good quality grainy or rye bread and if they’re large slices, have just the one.
  4. Dips and cheese platter – this is tricky if you are the guest, but look out for vegie sticks or crudités, non-creamy dips like salsa, hummus, beetroot dips, rice crackers, figs & grapes. Get carried away and this can almost be a meal so avoid going out and eating more after.
  5. Activity – you may not have a set gym routine but that doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Go out and about in your exercise gear, walk to the shops, to brunch or the beach. Meet friends for coffee and go for a walk, do some gardening, chores around the house and generally aim to be on foot for most of the day.

Eat Fit Food

By Jaime Rose Chambers | Eat Fit Food’s Dietitian and Nutritionist
e: jaime@eatifitfood.com.au   w:

Fruit or no fruit?

This is one questions i get asked a lot- should we be eating fruit if we want to lose weight?

Personally, I am all about eating ‘real’ food and I have not met any fit, active person who has put on weight from eating fruit. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible!

It’s a tough one- but it really comes down to each individual (whether you respond well to these forms of carbohydrate), how active you are and your overall sugar intake.
If fruit and vegetables are really the only form of carbohydrate you have in your diet and follow a diet based around ‘real food’ then I say yes.
If eating fruit curbs your sugar cravings and stops you from eating chocolate then I say yes.
If eating a banana is a great, convenient way to get some complex carbs in post training then I say yes.
If you feel great eating fruit- energised, happy and not bloated etc then I would say your body loves fruit and thats also a big yes.
I hope this has been helpful in answering the ever-famous question of whether we should eat fruit. At the end of the day, if god grew it and it doesn’t come in packet, it’s already kicking huge goals compared to all the food out there available to us.
H x

Eating to be lean VS eating to be healthy

Eating to be ‘lean’ versus eating to be ‘healthy’. Is there a difference?

My opinion;

I think, if you eat to be healthy as opposed to eating with ‘being thin’ in mind, you will most likely be leaner.. In saying that, if you want to be leaner than your body likes to be, or underweight then you may need to adopt a stricter eating approach, which would leave you ‘not so healthy’.  But this often doesn’t last too long, as you are going against the grain of your being, so you will most likely see your weight yo-yo or start to suffer the effects of malnourishment.

Eating to be healthy on the other hand, gives eating a whole new meaning. You are now eating to nourish your body and your soul and coming from a place of love and self-respect. This is when you will really start to lean up in the right places, have a positive attitude with food and your body and also maintain a stable, lean weight.

Shift your focus and start eating to be healthy. Start eating ‘REAL’ food that is bursting with vitamins and minerals and start eating the foods that your body is asking for and really desires, as your body knows best.

bet some of you reading this post are disappointed that I’m not giving you some super strict diet that will get you lean over night. But I know first- hand that the only way you are really going to get into shape for life, is by learning to love your body and giving it the fuel that serves it best.

That is all for today,

Love Hayley x


Cardio versus strength training!

I see so many girls at the gym slaving away on the cross-trainer or the stepper for 40 minutes or more trying to ‘burn calories’. I feel like going up and telling them how many more effective ways they could spend their time, but it isn’t really my place unless they specifically ask for my advice.

For me- if I can only fit in 3-4 sessions per week, they will all most likely be strength training. Then if I can add in another 2 sessions, I will add in some HIIT cardio.

Cardio used to be the big thing- predominately most females followed a more cardio based training program. In my opinion cardio based programs are only effective if you are really good at under eating. I looked amazing when I ran every day and ate as little as I possible could. But god, my weight was unstable. The late night bingeing because I was so starving all the time. So then I would get up in the morning and decide I had to run 2 hours to burn off my binge.  It was a horrible cycle. At the end of the day, no one ever last too long starving them selves. At some point, you just have to learn the right way to train and eat.

Nowadays I would barely even waste my time doing a long duration cardio session. I am time-poor. I want to focus on the SH**T that actually works!! During a long cardio session all you are really doing is burning calories while you are exercise. you are not really changing the shape of your body, increasing your metabolic rate or burning calories after your session.

Strength training allows you to really get your body firing! You will burn a huge amount of energy during your session (if you are training properly), after your session and even more exciting- you get to watch your body change shape and tighten up in all the right places. And NO- you wont get bulky! Getting bulky mean you have fat over the top of your muscle and means your diet needs more attention.

So gone are the day of starving and slugging away for hours doing a cardio session. Your body will burn through your food as it requires more energy and, you will have a nice stable weight range and of course a banging body to be proud of!

H x



Want a toned, perky butt? Here’s how…

One of the main things, people ask for when they come to train with me- is for a tight perky butt!! This is fine, as I absolutely LOVE training glutes but to really get their behind the way they want it takes more than just their 2 sessions per week with me, and some real diligence… but so worth it!!

When it comes to the gluteal muscle, the most important and effective way to tighten and lift your butt is through proper strength exercises. A combination of squats, lunges, dead lifts and hamstring curls, teamed with some more isometric work like gluteal kickbacks and pelvic lifts will give you the best results.

I would recommend 2-3 times per week, and working at your highest intensity (always increasing). Adding a barbell across your hips for your pelvic lifts, adding more weight to your squats etc.

You can vary your set/rep ranges for variation. The addition of plymetrics is also awesome- i.e. jumping lunges.

Leg/glute day should be 35-40 minutes in duration and solely focusing on this muscle group.

In between your leg/gluteal strength day (yes allow at least 2-3 days recovery) you can do your cardio sessions. I like cardio sessions to be short, fast intense. Remember that you also need to follow a good fat-burning program as to get your butt really looking good, it needs to be covered in very minimal fat. Think short bursts of incline running, stair-cases and heavy sprints out of your seat on the spin bike!

And last and of course, you should all know this- it is imperative to follow a clean eating guide- with a good mix of proteins, complex carbs, good fats and vegetables. You can never get the results you are after, nor can you out-train a poor diet.


H x




This years retreat in Bali is all about health, fitness and healing..


4 nights and 5 days of physical, emotional and spiritual empowerment. BOOK NOW!

A retreat to take you on a physical and spiritual journey with a focus to empower you to live life as your authentic self.

Leave with a strengthened sense of who you are, ready to experience a more fulfilling life.

15 – 19 AUGUST 2016 (4 nights, 5 days)

Hayley and Kat have designed a retreat for twelve women, to sync movement with the mind whilst deepening a connection to the self. This retreat is for women who seek the challenge of physical transformation amidst learning and understanding themselves at a deeper level.

Hayley has been working in the health and fitness industry for 17 years and has seen first hand that it doesn’t matter how many training programs and eating plans you hand to clients, if they aren’t in the right space emotionally to look after themselves, there is every chance they won’t follow it. These are often the people that go from one quick fix to another instead of addressing what is really going on.

Kat has been a Registered Division 1 Nurse since 2006, working alongside the medical profession for seven years whilst building her business in Intuitive Mentoring. Kat helps normalise what people are experiencing, reminding them that it’s safe and necessary to get inside what is perceived dark and scary. There’s a myriad of answers that lie beneath the surface and she’s here to help her clients access them.

Together, Hayley and Kat will focus on the health of your mind, body and soul with challenging bootcamp sessions, trekking our famous volcano at sunrise, detox style nutritious eating, pampering and spiritual coaching/mentoring workshops.

Day 1.       Settle in. Set Expectations. Share Stories.

Meet your new retreat friends over a glass of fresh ginger and lemongrass tea. Settle into your bungalow. Lunch is Balinese style at our dining table in the rice fields. Take a wander through the gardens. Breathe. After an early dinner the first group session explores the program, expectations and the reasons for coming together. Everyone has a story.

Day 2.     Motivation. Goals. Beliefs. Mindsets.

A morning of exercise sets the body free for the day. Breakfast is not to be rushed, it’s a tropical delight. Today is your time for one-on-one private consultations with both Hayley and Kat. After dinner we share the breakthroughs that everyone has experienced in the day.

Day 3.       “The Hardest Paths Are The Ones Leading To The Most Beautiful Views”.

We trek by torchlight to the summit of Mt Batur volcano arriving in time for sunrise. We walk on steep footpaths, led by our very experienced local trek guides. It is not a problem to walk at a slower pace, as you won’t hold up others who may want to steam ahead. We have time to relax at the top; it’s not a race. It’s usually around a 3-4 hour round trip. Take home a great sense of achievement and some amazing photos. Hot Springs are our reward. Unwind and let the spring’s healing powers do their work. After lunch there’s time for massages and afternoon naps before an early dinner. Sleep comes easily.

Day 4. Starting to really feel empowered- physically, mental and emotionally.

Love My Body bootcamp session followed by breakfast. Then off for a beautiful jungle trek. Lunch, followed by group empowerment workshops. then we meet for a dinner and before bed- stretching and guided group meditation,

Day 5.     Ready To Go. Empowered.

Let your new-found energy take you through the final workout session with Hayley. Enjoy a leisurely farewell breakfast and time to relax in your tranquil surroundings. Hayley and Kat close the retreat with a group session. Reflect on everything you have achieved as you pack your bag. Feel good about yourself.

Take some time out for YOU. Join us for a retreat that will change the way you see yourself.

Hayley Roper & Kat John

Hayley and Kat are ready to meet you and provide a complete workout for your mind, body and soul.


$AUD2200pp/secure your place with a 25% deposit.

enquire now- hayley@lovemybody.com.au