Fruit or no fruit?

This is one questions i get asked a lot- should we be eating fruit if we want to lose weight?

Personally, I am all about eating ‘real’ food and I have not met any fit, active person who has put on weight from eating fruit. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible!

It’s a tough one- but it really comes down to each individual (whether you respond well to these forms of carbohydrate), how active you are and your overall sugar intake.
If fruit and vegetables are really the only form of carbohydrate you have in your diet and follow a diet based around ‘real food’ then I say yes.
If eating fruit curbs your sugar cravings and stops you from eating chocolate then I say yes.
If eating a banana is a great, convenient way to get some complex carbs in post training then I say yes.
If you feel great eating fruit- energised, happy and not bloated etc then I would say your body loves fruit and thats also a big yes.
I hope this has been helpful in answering the ever-famous question of whether we should eat fruit. At the end of the day, if god grew it and it doesn’t come in packet, it’s already kicking huge goals compared to all the food out there available to us.
H x

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