Cardio versus strength training!

I see so many girls at the gym slaving away on the cross-trainer or the stepper for 40 minutes or more trying to ‘burn calories’. I feel like going up and telling them how many more effective ways they could spend their time, but it isn’t really my place unless they specifically ask for my advice.

For me- if I can only fit in 3-4 sessions per week, they will all most likely be strength training. Then if I can add in another 2 sessions, I will add in some HIIT cardio.

Cardio used to be the big thing- predominately most females followed a more cardio based training program. In my opinion cardio based programs are only effective if you are really good at under eating. I looked amazing when I ran every day and ate as little as I possible could. But god, my weight was unstable. The late night bingeing because I was so starving all the time. So then I would get up in the morning and decide I had to run 2 hours to burn off my binge.  It was a horrible cycle. At the end of the day, no one ever last too long starving them selves. At some point, you just have to learn the right way to train and eat.

Nowadays I would barely even waste my time doing a long duration cardio session. I am time-poor. I want to focus on the SH**T that actually works!! During a long cardio session all you are really doing is burning calories while you are exercise. you are not really changing the shape of your body, increasing your metabolic rate or burning calories after your session.

Strength training allows you to really get your body firing! You will burn a huge amount of energy during your session (if you are training properly), after your session and even more exciting- you get to watch your body change shape and tighten up in all the right places. And NO- you wont get bulky! Getting bulky mean you have fat over the top of your muscle and means your diet needs more attention.

So gone are the day of starving and slugging away for hours doing a cardio session. Your body will burn through your food as it requires more energy and, you will have a nice stable weight range and of course a banging body to be proud of!

H x



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