How to avoid gaining weight on holidays

While currently holidaying in Fiji and desperately trying to stay in shape (haha!), I felt it was fitting to write a blog post on my tops for maintaining your weight on holidays…

Get your holiday buddies in your corner!

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Firstly, I think it’s important that your partner or whoever you are on holiday with on the same team. For example, my partner and I are very bad examples on each other. If he says ‘lets go drink pizza and cocktails’ I’m like ‘yeaaahhhh’. And vise versa. But if I say to him lets be super healthy, no alcohol, lots of clean food and exercise he will also take my lead..

I specifically told him I wanted to be super healthy on this trip- so we ‘both’ go home feeling amazing. So he had my back- choosing healthy restaurants, refusing drinks and getting up before the sun with me to exercise. You just have to get them in your corner a bit!

You literally have no excuse not to exercise (unless you have physical or medical limitations obviously).

 One of the biggest excuses people have not to exercise is that they are time poor. Which I totally get as I am also guilty of at times. For me, holidays are ‘my’ time to actually look after myself instead of others.. and it’s the one time, none of you can use ‘time’ as an excuse not to exercise as you have all the time in the world when you are on holidays! Get up first thing, put your runners on and head to the hotel gym or outdoors for a sweat sesh!! It’s also a great time to increase your incidental activity, instead of getting cabs and public transport everywhere, try walking! You will get to see more of the action and get some extra miles under your belt.

Stick to portion control and healthier food choices

 I like these rules, which I have in place for myself!


  • Have a big breakfast full of protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals. If you have sugar and ‘cheat’ foods at the start of the day you are pretty doomed as you will crave sugar all day long and be feeling pretty hungry. So stay away from the pastries/pancakes etc and go for eggs, salmon, vege’s and fruit!
  • If you are one to enjoy pasta or something on the less healthy side then have this now.. Choose a healthier pasta (tomato based) and exercise some portion control even if it means leaving some of the meal unfinished. Always order a side or salad and/or vege’s and fill up on these not the pasta.. as long as you are not going all out on deep fried foods and a side of bruschetta you are not going to gain weight.
  • This is where you should have your protein based meals.. time to enjoy a lean piece of steak, a chicken dish or in my case- some yummy seafood. Once, again order sides of salads and vegetables to fill up on. If you do need to have a drink stick to one glass of red wine or 1-2 white spirits.

Schedule in your cheat nights.

 My partner and I have a drink every 3rd night (healthier options) and a cheat meal every 3rd day or night also… this is the night we would have dessert. I actually put them in my diary!! This gives you something to look forward to and allows you to really enjoy it, as opposed to every day rolling into one, feeling sluggish, full and sometimes hung-over. We don’t go overboard and experience any of these things (but by all means go ahead) and we keep healthy and on track the rest of the time. This is our version of balance. Find yours! I definitely think it is important to schedule in alcohol free nights at the very least, so that you body gets a chance to detoxify and burn fat overnight. This will be your saving grace when you come home, to find you feel like you’ve actually had a holiday!

I think the hardest thing for people is to change the mentality that holidays need to be all about indulgences… sure indulge here and there (you deserve it!), but also try to see holidays as an opportunity to get your overall well-being in check. You will come home feeling fresh, healthy and amazing instead of feeling like you need a holiday from a holiday.

H x