Fad diets and why they don’t work…

Hey gang!

I am trying to blog each week but time just gets away so fortnightly it is… Todays topic is a big one. Fad diets. eeeekkkkkk… i’ve been there a few times!

One thing that i have really noticed and began to give some thought and study to is that fad diets come hand in hand with weight fluctuations, mood fluctuations, binge eating (often the bing eater is also a fad dieter, as they gain all this weight quickly and then get on a mission to lose it all) and also a not so consistent mental state.

These are all perfectly normal traits and common in a lot of women, particular younger adult women. Generally as soon as it is acknowledged that that all these things aren’t serving them (or working) and they  really get fed up with the yo-yo of food fighting that they will get to the core of the problem.. and with the resolve of the problem, will come a healthy relationship with food a stable weight and a happier mind-set.

Everyone has their baggage. Everyone has stuff to deal with especially in their younger years. Often before healing has begun or negative belief systems have not been delved into and released or been replaced.  Eventually wisdom starts to shine through. Prior to this transformation, eating is one tool females use to control their weight, comfort themselves, shove their emotions down, get slimmer (because then they will be happy right?) and the list of unhealthy food behaviours go on.

This is why Fad diets are so popular. because they play on emotional appeal. They fad diet marketing campaign basically says to your emotional self “do this fad diet and then you will be skinny and then you will be happy”.

but the fad dieter always end up telling you they are on another fad diet or quick fix two week or two months later.. and their weight never quite reaches what they want it to, or stays there for very long does it?

Now I have been there, yes I have and I can tell you this- someone with a healthy relationship with food does not do fad-diets. They don’t binge eat, they don’t comfort eat and their weight only fluctuates with the very conscious i am going to drink a little and live a little this month type attitude.

So stop the food fight and save your precious dollars! Stop trying quick fixes to lose weight. Stop starving yourself or ruling out every food group except 1. Start asking yourself what is making you adopt these behaviours and deal with that instead! Follow a very sensible eating plan, look after yourself with a healthy amount of exercise, and watch your body turn into something you are proud of.. and best of all watch your body stay that way month in and month out. Thats the best part!

Big love,
Hayley x

A standard day of eating…

I am reading this fabulous book at the moment called Intuitive Eating, and it is all about the diet mentality and eating for the reason of weight-loss as opposed to fuelling and nurturing your body. The theme of the book sums up my way of thinking to a TEE!

One of the things I really try to instil in my clients is that if you focus on weight loss too much as the reason behind what you eat and your exercise- there is every chance you will fail. And i’ve seen it- over and over and over among the hundreds of clients I have worked with in the 17 years I have been in the industry. As soon as I can get them to shift their focus to eating to look after themselves and eating intuitively- when they are hungry and what foods feel ‘right’ to eat, they naturally make the right food choices, they have the energy to train properly, their bodies take on a different form and yes- they are lighter and a more stable weight as a result. We need to BREAK the diet mentality! I get it- its hard to do!!

I get asked a lot from clients, followers, magazines, texts, emails etc etc, what I eat on a standard day of eating and although I will share with you what a day in the healthy life of Hayley involves- everyone is different and you need to eat what is right for you! What feels good to you? I know my body responds really well to a more protein/fat based diet and If I am eating to be healthy and nurture my body that is what my body asks for.. that doesn’t mean I don’t have cheat days, go out for nice dinners with partner and watch my diet closely when I am preparing for a shoot etc- I do. But 80% of the time, I eat the way i have outlined below, I eat to nurture my body and keep my energy levels up, I eat what makes me feel good at the time and afterward and I eat because I want to feel my best and have enough energy to give my clients! Thats my driving force!

What is your driving force?

Eat Your Greens

Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating.



Breakfast- 2 x pieces of homemade, quinoa loaf (loaded with seeds) with 2 poached eggs, loads of spinach panfried in some organic butter and some ‘vegan kimchi’ as it is super good for the gut!

Midmorning- a green smoothie loaded with organic spinach, kale, alfalfa, vegan pea protein powder, frozen blue berries and coconut water.

Lunch (generally post training)- sweet potato spud with some lamb, hummus broccoli and tabouleh.

Afternoon- green smoothie as above

Dinner- home made mexican bowl. I pan fry chicken and onion in coconut oil and garlic. I add in jalapeños, capsicum and taco seasoning. I then put it in a bowl with a big handful of spinach leaves plus some avocado and goat fetta smash.

I drink 3-4 litres of water per day and I keep alcohol to the bare minimum. I May have 3 coffee’s over a week with 1/2 milk, generally coconut milk.

There you have it – ! My intuitive way of eating.

I dare you to see what happens when you start eating intuitively.

Hayley x

My Febfast survival guide!

OK, so Febfast has officially begun and although my diet and alcohol intake is faulty under control i must say I am feeling excited above anything else. I have slightly overindulged over the last month, and not feeling quite as lean as I was at the end of December/start of Jan. So, i personally am looking forward to the results I will see physically and that for me will be my driving force and motivation over the next month.

  1. And that is my first survival tip you for Febfasters! Find you driving force! What are you looking forward to the most? seeing your body change physically? Having more energy? Changing bad habits? Once you have your personal driving force in the forefront of your mind, it will be your personal motivator and it will haunt you should you go to cheat!
  2. My second survival tip is to make sure you have the support of your friends and family! I suggest telling everyone around you, even your dog that you are doing Febfast! That way, there will be people supporting you and also holding you accountable. Tell them you want their support and help along the way and it may make a difference at just the right time!
  3. swap old bad habits for new healthy habits. That afternoon sugar craving that normally gets killed with a mars bar and is now going to get nurtured with some unflavoured yoghurt and raw almonds. That evening wine is going to get replaced with soda water and lime or a chamomile tea. You know the drill! habits are best broken with the replacement of a new habit.
  4. Drink loads of water! Flush out all the old toxins and rehydrate, to get you feeling fresh, clean and detoxified. You wont want to ruin these good, healthy vibes by drinking alcohol will you!?
  5. Exercise daily to keep yourself in a good headspace and keep focused on your healthy lifestyle. This will also help you to feel better and better each day, leaving you with less temptation to undo your hard work.
  6. Plan alcohol free social activities. There is no reason why you need to hide under a rock for the next month! In fact, get out there more! Walk the tan, have healthy picnics, go strawberry picnic, play golf for the first time- whatever you feel like doing. Now is the time to engage is fun, new, adventures!
  7. Think of the positives! There are so many good things that come from living a healthy lifestyle! Your weekends will be productive, you will have glowing skin, more energy, lighter in weight and a happier mind-set. Amongst other things…
  8. And lastly, DONT GIVE UP! You will have challenging moments and we are going to get past them. Each challenge you get past will make the next one easier. Remember your driving force, remember your positives, turn to your friends and family and remember it’s only one month! You can do this!