Get back to basics

Did you know the easiest and most effective things you can do for your health is still to get enough sleep, drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day and consume 5 servings of green vegetables per day?

Eat Your Greens

So many girls come to me stressing about all these things they think they should be doing for their health – detoxing, fasting, over training, vitamins, pressed juicing, saunas, steam rooms and the list goes on. But they are forgetting the very basic stuff and just stressing themselves out (and remember stress is one of the worst things for you).

So this week, lets just get the basic stuff happening and if the other stuff feels right and happens easily – then go for it! RELAX AND BE HAPPY!


My ‘go-to’ places in Byron Bay and Bali


I spend a lot of time in both Bali and Byron Bay and whenever anyone around me is off to either of these destinations they always ask me “What should I do?” and “Where should I go?”

Hence, now I can send them right here to my blog anytime they ask.

If you are after great healthy vegetarian style food then you cant go past Earth Cafe. Their menu is delicious and they make meals that traditionally are not so healthy, into healthy meals that taste amazing with wheat free, dairy free and vegetarian alternatives.
If you want to go shopping then anywhere around Seminyak Square is best, but be prepared to pay ‘almost’ Melbourne prices!
If you want to lay by a beautiful pool with a great organic healthy menu which also provides free wifi (I often spend days there by the pool working and eating raw food) then you cant go past Desa Seni in Canguu.
While you’re down that way you must also go to Betelnut Cafe for a ‘Naga Bowl’ – it’s just so yum!
If you want to exercise, do yoga, jungle treks, volcano climbs, and other adventures all while eating delicious clean food then you must go stay at a village just out of Ubud called ‘Sharing Bali‘. The fresh air and relaxation this village provides will send you home feeling like a new person.
My favourite picks for great restaurants also include – Saigon Street, Motel Mexicola, Mamasan, Barbacao and Mirah Putih.
Ahhh my favourite place on earth.
For food I love the Roadhouse, Bayleaf Cafe (the lamb salad is to die for) and Naked Treaties (fabulous raw food and green smoothies).
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.23.49 pm
The light house run/walk is a must see. It’s only around 20-30 minutes to the top and its a great way to stay fit while you are in Byron Bay. Do it the first day and time yourself, and try to improve on time over the course of your stay.
The Crystal Castle – if you want to get all spiritual (this is what being in Byron is about!) IĀ don’t know anyone who leaves the Crystal CastleĀ feeling like they haven’t achieved something. It will open your spiritual eyes.
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.28.14 pm
For shopping there are so many amazing stores around Johnston street. I LOVE Spell Designs. But just wonder and you will come across some of Australias best boutique stores.
At Main Beach – hire a bike for your stay or do a half day surf lesson, it’s so much fun!