My top ‘superfood’ picks

Superfoods are foods that are extremely high in nutrients and health giving properties. Including superfoods in your diet will take your health to the next level. Superfoods will support your immune system, boost your energy levels, give you a high count of anti-oxidants, help your body push toxins out of your system and help you to lose weight. And these are just some of the benefits. I have listed my top three superfoods below.


Coconut is highly nutritious, rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. The coconut has amazing healing powers. You can drink coconut water straight from the coconut (one of my favourite ways to start the day). Coconut oil is also amazing. It is one of my favourite forms of good fats. I use coconut oil for cooking, in my smoothies, externally as a moisturiser and I also have eat a teaspoon of coconut oil straight off the spoon when I am craving sugar – my cravings disappear instantly! I basically use it for everything!

My recommendation – Loving Earth Coconut Oil


Leafy greens

Leafy greens like spinach and kale are extremely high in vitamins and minerals, particularly iron. If you don’t eat much red meat then this superfood is for you. It promotes health in many ways, powerfully protecting from oxidant stress and strongly supporting the immune system. Choose organic, good quality greens and wash them thoroughly before consuming.



Berries are known for their high count of anti-oxidants. Acai berries are referred to as the weight loss berry due to its effectiveness in helping eliminate toxins. There are numerous ways to include different berries in your diet but I feel the best way to consume these is buying them frozen from your health food shop and using them in a smoothie for your breakfast. However, feel free to make your own decision but please aim for fresh organic and/or freeze dried so that you get the maximum nutritional value. I LOVE Bare Blends for both freeze dried berries and freeze dried greens.


The idea behind adding super foods into my diet for me is not just to keep the excess weight off, but also to keep your body clean and healthy. If you are constantly putting toxins into your body, unhealthy foods, not enough water, too much salt and all those things we know we shouldn’t consume, your internal systems and organs become less efficient. Your digestive system starts to suffer which over time causes a host of problems. Toxins don’t get pushed out of your system efficiently, your stomach gets unhappy, your liver starts to suffer, your bowels become less effective in eliminating waste, you stop burning fat efficiently— everything slows down. It is like putting bad fuel into your car, it will chug along and won’t run as well. You want to treat your body as if it is a top of the range automobile that you spent half your life saving for—your pride and joy. That’s when it becomes easy to stay happy, keep the weight off, find the energy to exercise, have good skin, a healthy sex drive and avoid getting sick amongst other things. Your diet and what you do and don’t put it into your body plays a part in everything!

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