Learn to love YOURSELF – the rest comes easy!

I have noticed that a lot of girls come to me with this mentality that ‘if they get in shape’ or ‘if they lose 5kg’s’ then they will feel good about themselves and ‘then’ they will be happy.

Something very important I have had to learn and now impart to my clients is that it is actually the other way around. And until you realise this and start working backwards you may never be in the shape you want and will probably continue to put on weight. Not lose it.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 7.45.40 pm

There are a few reasons this methodology doesn’t actually work for people (the losing weight so then I can be happy thing). Firstly, this is actually a huge statement because what you are actually saying is that you aren’t happy. And this is what needs to be addressed really – then the rest (weight loss etc,) is easy. I can guarantee if you are one of these people and you do find a way to lose those kilos or get into the shape you want – you still won’t be happy!

By projecting that feeling of happiness into the future that way and saying ‘then I will be happy’ only ensures that this is where that feeling (happiness) will stay… in the future!
You need to focus on being happy NOW!

So if you are one of these people, then it speaks huge volumes to me on where you are at emotionally and I promise you, the first and foremost thing you should be focusing on is being happy and feeling good about yourself, not losing weight or getting into shape. This will happen naturally, as a result of the new feeling of happiness you have adapted!

Once you adopt this new found skill of being happy and feeling good about yourself, without even trying – you will start to choose foods that nourish and support this new way of feeling/thinking and you will choose the right lifestyle to support this new way of feeling/thinking. Skipping exercise and eating bad food all the time will no longer feel right (as it doesn’t support this new way of feeling/thinking) and you will naturally start to look the way you want to look.

Change your thoughts, and you can achieve or change any area of your life!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog which will tell you the ways in which I stay happy and therefore choose foods and a lifestyle that supports feeling this way. Yes I used to be one of these people to!

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