Those days that are hard to get out of bed… and the reasons why you should!

I always say to my bootcamp girls/clients to just set your alarm and spring out of bed! In most cases, if you lay there and think about whether you should get out of bed or not, staying in bed will win! Don’t let those negative thoughts come into play, and just know that you are going to feel BETTER for getting up to do your workout.

Did you also know that those mornings that feel the hardest to get out of bed are the mornings that you end up having the most energy during your workouts? These are the mornings that you have come out of a very deep sleep hence why you struggle to snap out of sleep mode, but once you do, you will feel energetic for doing so.

Often if you don’t get out of bed to do your workout (because you feel too tired) you have to get up for work 60-90 minutes later. Did you know that when you go to get up this 60-90 minutes later you will most likely feel just as tired and struggle to get up just as much as you did earlier, so don’t fight it. JUST GET UP!

And one other very important point I would like to make is that, SO many people say to me “Oh but I’ll be too tired during the day if I get up early to exercise’. NOT TRUE! Anyone who exercises in the mornings will tell you how much more energy they have during the day and overall. The people that don’t exercise often feel sluggish and tired and at the end of the day, all of these ‘reasons’ not to exercise are actually just excuses. Try it and see the difference in how you feel- physically and mentally… then you can thank me.

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