Hayley Roper and Rozalia Russian lead the way to a healthy lifestyle

Myself, Hayley Roper and Melbourne Mumtreprenuer Rozalia Russian are teaming up for the third time to present our Health & Fitness Workshop on 20th June 2015. This time with a focus on increasing fitness and losing weight during the winter months.
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After Rozalia gained 28 kilos during her pregnancy with daughter Willow she enlisted in my help. Through our journey in which Rozalia embarked on a lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise, she lost the 28 kilos, and more, and transformed her body back to pre-baby shape in just 11 months.

Rozalia’s journey, documented via her Instagram account @rozalia_russian, has inspired women all around the world. Due to the tremendous amount of questions Rozalia and I receive about our lifestyle tips via social media, we are running our third ‘workshop’ to help women face-to-face implement a healthier and more active lifestyle.

“I really wanted to start face to face open days as I really believe there is only so much knowledge you can impart via a computer screen. You can relay so much more information in real life and also teach a workout properly. I think too many people are relying on the internet and social media these days and I just don’t think it could ever be as effective as face-to-face interaction. We are bringing health and fitness to life again and we aim to inspire and help as many women as we can.”

The coming workshop will also feature a special guest talk by well-known Melbourne Sports Nutritionist, Steph Lowe, who will be inspiring women with some healthy winter recipes and tips on how to avoid gaining weight during the colder months.

We are going to continue to run our workshops on a regular basis.
Tickets on sale at rozalia.com.au for $55.00 per person.

This also includes our popular GOODIE BAGS to take home!