Why squat?

Why squat?

The question should be ‘why wouldn’t you squat?’. I think I was 17 when I started doing squats and I have never looked back! Squats work almost every muscle in your body and are one of the very best compound exercises. In my opinion – no training program is complete without the inclusion of squats.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.35.30 pmOne of the reasons squats are so effective is because they activate so many different muscle groups, which burn an enormous amount of calories/fat. In this one simple exercise you are improving your posture, your abs, your core strength, all the muscles in your legs and best of all, creating a perfect, perky butt that all us girls want and all the guys love.

If you are serious about really being in good shape, running will not stop your bum from sagging with age or give you the booty you want. You absolutely need to include squats in your routine. So squat properly, go as deep as you can, maintain good form and of course be excited about the results you will see.. and you will see them!

Hayley x


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