EAT FIT FOOD strikes again….

Most of you who follow our social media or my blog would already know that I am a huge fan of Eat Fit Food! Very recently, I had the pleasure of trailing their new paleo menu and my experience is well worth sharing and as one of the leaders in delivering whole and flavoursome foods, they never under-deliver.. literally! 

I love eat fit food mostly because their food is so ‘Hayley’ style and approved. After initially researching the Eat Fit Food philosophy and building a relationship with this company I have full trust in what they deliver and serve to my table (well my front door really) and whenever I follow an Eat Fit Food program (mostly, when I am too busy to organize and prepare my own meals) I am left feeling light, clean and energetic. A HUGE positive, and unfortunately addictive – imagine feeling this way all the time and never having to cook again…hmmmm!


Spiced lamb pilaff with pomegranate, kale and coconut mint yoghurt (3)Preserved lemon barramundi with fennel, cabbage, grapes, mint and green pea salad (3)

Now, I don’t follow ‘fad’ diets and most people like to put ‘paleo’ eating into the category of a fad diet but it isn’t. Anyone who knows enough about nutrition, would have the same view as me and would simply put ‘paleo’ down to a word used to describe the way we should all eat.

It isn’t a fad diet, but literally focuses on eating the way we ate before factories came on board and before processed, genetically modified and altered food was even invented. And if someone asks me how I eat, well essentially- I do follow a paleo way of eating. Meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes, poultry, whole foods, organic food, natural flavorings… that is the paleo way! And it is how we were born to eat!

So not only does the Eat Fit Food paleo menu make perfect sense nutritionally, I can also vouch that it is absolutely DELICIOUS! Delivered daily to your front door, it is the perfect way to eat clean, stay lean and full of energy! If you are struggling to stay on track with your eating or to find the time to organise and prepare proper healthy meals in the lead up to Summer, and are waiting to look lean and toned in your bikini then in my opinion Eat Fit Food is the perfect solution.

if you would like to know more about Eat Fit Food please visit their website at

Hayley, LMB x

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