Stay motivated!

Are you lacking in motivation when it comes to training and clean eating? Well here my top tips for staying on track!

1) Think back to complements you received from people when you were looking and feeling awesome! How good did it feel?

2) Read a book or a magazine on health and fitness. A sure fire way to get you pumped again.

3) Look at old photos of yourself when you were feeling flab.. now its time to fight the flab!

4) Sit down and write out a new training program/diet to follow

5) Search fit bodies on pinterest!!!

6) follow fitness and health accounts on instagram. Make sure you are following us too! @hayleyroperlovemybody

7) visualisation: Imagine yourself standing on the beach in summer with eyes on you and drool coming from peoples mouths!

8) Think about always wearing the clothes you would like to wear instead of the clothes you should wear to hide the fact that you have put on weight. Which is more fun?

9) Think about how much better you feel physically and mentally, just by being fit, healthy and in good shape!

10) Train with a trainer. Yes, even I do it! There is nothing like being told what to do!

Now, get cracking!

Hayley x