My training…

I get asked constantly what I do for my own training. So here it is day by day. blow by blow… 

On resistance training- The beauty of resistance training is that you can literally change the shape of your body and create the body you want by focusing on the muscles you want to change. For me- I want a perky butt, flat abdominals,, toned limbs and great posture.. So that’s what I’ve created. The other benefits that come with resistance training is that you don’t just burn calories during your work out, you continue to burn calories all day long. As your muscles get more toned- they weight more (hence your weight can go up on the scales) but they actually get smaller in size and by having more lean muscle weight your ability to burn calories increases and you become a fat burning power house- this is what we want!!

Cardio, on the other hand only burns calories, whilst you are doing it although at a much higher rate. It also gets your heart going, raises your metabolic rate and increases your fitness levels.

Hence, why it is important to include both types of training into your workouts.

Here is what I do, day by day, blow by blow:

Monday- 20 minutes of boxing and 30 minutes of lower body strength training. A mixture of squats, stair runs holding weights, lunges, deadlifts, leg curls. All circuit based so no rest during the workout with 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each exercise. Each time I train my lower body I choose a variation of different exercises. And of course I use the heaviest weight that I can for these reps.

Tuesday- 20 minutes of interval training (cardio- usually running) and 30 Minutes of strength training- upper body and abs! I use the same format and procedure as above for my upper body. I like to train evenly!

Wednesday- 45 minute power walk and a good stretch. (active recovery day)

Thursday- 45 minute run, 15 minutes of core work and 15 minutes of stretching

Friday- I repeat Monday’s training

Saturday- I repeat Tuesdays training

Sunday- sprint session, 20 minutes of short sprints. I mix this up with hill sprint, 15 metre sprint and 15 metre jog around the oval. I recover after each sprint so I can maintain the intensity of my sprints throughout the session.

Peace, love and happy training!

Hayley xxx





My top 10 and favourite fat-burning tips!

1) Alkalise your body. When your body is acidic (toxic) it cannot burn fat efficiently.   Detox regularly – and avoid sugar, caffeine,saturated fats, smoking, processed foods, alcohol, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs. Also, keep wheat, dairy and red meat intake to a minimum and drink 2-3 litres of water per day.
2) Exercise daily. keep your energy balance under control by getting active every day. This followed with clean eating will ensure your body stays a fat burning machine
3) Strength training! Essential for fat burning. Not only do you burn calories during your workout but you continue to burn calories after your work out. Plus, you will gain more lean muscle and as a result burn more calories at rest.
4) L-Carnitine can be taken each day and best 20 minutes before a workout. L-Carnitine is an amino -acid responsible for the transportation of fat, so why not help this process? Best results are seen when taken over time and in powder form.
5) Eat your greens!! Eating loads of green vegetables particularly dark leafy greens, will help to burn fat efficiently, while also giving you loads of nutrients leaving you with high energy levels and lower food cravings.
6) Get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep changes the way you process carbohydrates and also an imbalance with hormones and metabolism – causing excess weight to be stored. Aim for 7-8 hours of good quality sleep per night. 
7) Eat your breakfast. Kick start your metabolism and prevent overeating and sugar cravings late in the day and have a good quality breakfast- include protein, good quality carbohydrate, some good fats and ideally some greens.
8) Eat good quality proteins throughout the day. Protein has many benefits, one of which is burning fat. I can almost tell when a client eats enough protein just by the way their body responds to exercise and how lean/toned they get. Think seafood, chicken, turkey, legumes, tofu, raw nuts, seeds, mushrooms and lean cuts of red meat.
9) Reduce stress. Stress hormonsed that are release such as cortisol cause an excess in body fat to be stored particularly around the middle. Living a healthy lifestyle, taking time out, meditation, weekends away and exercise are some of the ways to keep stress down and these hormones at normal levels. 
10) Live alcohol free! It doesn’t matter how little or how often or even what type of alcohol. at the end of the day alcohol causes you to store fat, particularly as you reach mid 30’s. that 1 glass of wine each night is probably the one thing stopping you from losing weight.