What’s stopping you?

With so much focus on ‘weight loss’ people tend to forget there are many areas of health and fitness and they all come hand in hand. Very rarely is one really optimal or ideal without the other, or as a result of achieving the ‘ideal’ weight (for example) the other areas suffer as a result.

In my personal and professional experience most people who can’t achieve their physical goals, don’t have either the: lifestyle, education or headspace to do so. Getting educated is easy! All you have to do is see a good nutritionist (like myself) to get educated on how to eat right. It Is the people that ‘think’ they are educated but in actual fact aren’t that worry me! I have so many clients that start training with me and tell me that they know how to eat right and don’t need help with their diet. Now, as a trainer who has been training clients for 14 years I know when I have been training someone for 4 weeks if they aren’t eating right. Remember, there is always someone that knows more than you- even I still learn from other people in my industry more on the fundamentals of weight loss! If you are exercising and you aren’t losing weight- then its simple! You aren’t eating accordingly. Get educated!!!

Lifestyle- this is a huge one for stopping people from achieving their goals! They start bootcamp, follow ‘some’ of the eating plan, but continue to go out for dinner every night, drink wine by the bottle and binge all weekend. Sound familiar?? In order to get the weight off (particularly the last 5 kilo’s) it is essential to change these lifestyle habits that you have slowly implemented over the years. I have a friend who has been doing bootcamp for the last 6 months now, but was sticking to these sorts of lifestyle patterns and wasn’t getting too far in the way of results. In the last 2 weeks she has reduced her dinking and eating out and has lost 1.5 kilo’s each week in the last 2 weeks! She has finally decided that my bootcamp classes are ‘the best thing ever’. Create goals and think of ways to change these lifestyle habits and watch the weight fall off!!

Lastly, let’s address your headspace. This is a big topic! And 80% of the time (in my opinion) this is what prevents girls from getting to their ideal body shape. The negative voice that tells you, you can’t do it. Sound familiar? Or, the negative attitude that is zapping all of your positive energy? Or, the insult you copped when you were 12 coming back to haunt you?

Change your attitude! Change your belief systems! Focus on positive thinking! Ignore the negative voices (laugh at them!) and surround yourself with positivity! For me, I do at least 3 things every day that I know makes me feel good. I also see a kinesiologist once per week who helps me to change and conquer old belief patterns. Please know, that anyone including you can achieve both your goals and your ideal body. ANYONE!  So go out and so do what every it is that YOU need to do to achieve your goals. What is setting you back?

My book Lighten Up (which will be out soon) addresses this in far more detail and will help you if this is what is setting you back. Please follow me on facebook hayleyroperlovemybody so that you are kept up to date with the release.

Lots of  love

Hayley x

Byron Bay Health Retreat Jan 28th-Feb 4th 2014

Love My Body recently ran our first health retreat in the beautiful Byron Bay. I personally chose to run a retreat here, as to date it is my favourite home away from home. There is something about Byron Bay (i think!) that just makes you want to be healthy. On the inside and out. There is this burning desire to do everything you know is good for your body and soul. For me, a place where i choose foods that nourish and cleanse my body, work on myself emotionally, reassess my life, do daily runs to the lighthouse, stretch on the beach at night under the very best sunsets and think only positive and happy thoughts. And that is exactly what this retreat was about….

Prior to the retreat everyone got a manual of what i wanted them to focus on leading up the retreat and this included everything from their physical health to their state of mind. I wanted everyone to begin the process of cleansing physically and emotionally. We arrived in Byron Bay Tuesday lunch time and checked straight into our home for the week. The house was exactly as it was described and shown. Big, open, new, spacious (6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms), modern with all the luxuries, walking distance to town/beach and of course overlooking a swimming pool. As we weren’t allowed plane food (retreat style eating started that day!) i had arranged lunch to be delivered straight away. Our food for the entire 7 nights and 8 days was organised through the organic Byron Bay kitchen. I did my research and knew i could trust we would be eating organic, sugar free, nutritious, detox style, clean food with my biggest request being lots of greens!!


The afternoon was spent sleeping and relaxing by the pool and at 5pm we headed off for our first training session. The itinerary for the retreat as far as training goes, involved the lighthouse run every morning (at everyones own pace) and generally a bootcamp style strength session in the park afterward. Evenings included, power walks, bike rides, beach stretch sessions and hill sessions. Plus the several trips we did into town to the beach each day on our hired bikes. On average we were doing 4 hours or more of physical activity per day.

Aside from a half day of surfing, massages at the house and healing sessions we mostly spend the days, relaxing by the pool or beach, reading and forming friendships. There were times that were trying, and another training session seemed like torture but we got through it by feeding off each others motivation. We became a team/ a family and together we got through each and every session and downed our green smoothies. We formed ever lasting friendships and i personally loved every minute of being surrounded by such an amazing and motivated group of girls.



All I can say is it is absolutely amazing what just 1 week can do!! We all had days where our body was detoxing and there were girls running to the toilet and feeling lethargic.. but by day 5 we all felt amazing! We all looked leaner, felt lighter, had so much energy and felt clear headed. In just one week most of us lost 2-3 kilos which is amazing considering all of us were fit and a healthy weight to begin with!

In conclusion, I cant wait for our next retreat and I feel so blessed to be doing what I love and helping others to create happier and healthier lives. If you would like to do one of our health retreats places are already filling up for this year so you can email me at hayley@lovemybody.com.au. 


Love Hayley x