Alkalising the body

There are many reasons people are walking around today with toxic bodies. Stress, pollution, alcohol, unhealthy food are just some of the things that lead to an acidic body. When your body is acidic, you have all sorts of health problems, mostly minor though progressing to major over time. Lethargy, weight gain, headaches, bloating, fluid retention, just to name a few. Most people unfortunately, just see these problems as normal and have never actually experienced, proper good health, to know how much better they can actually feel. Feeling this way is NOT normal. 

It is really important (I believe) particularly if you want to feel your best to try to restore or keep your body alkalising. Here is a list of simple things that will help you to alkalise your body:

▪   Drink loads of water

▪   Eat loads of vegetables (particularly green)

▪   Dry skin body brushing (a great way to release toxins through the skin)

▪   Detoxing (eliminating sugar, wheat, dairy, red meat, alcohol, processed foods and caffeine from the diet)

▪   Starting and finishing the day with liquid chlorophyll, and taking a vital greens or spirulina supplement

▪   Exercise 

▪   Meditation, or simply taking time out

▪   Assisting the body with the detoxifying process by taking a good supplement such as milk thistle

▪   And, avoiding western medicine such as antibiotics wherever possible

Put these things alone into practise, and watch those common health complaints that we consider ‘normal’ subside.

Live health and happy,

Love Hayley x



I received an exciting email last week to trial and do a product review on Eat Fit Food. Of course I acted professional as opposed to super excited! I have previously done my research on this company and their principles on nutrition and healthy eating are exactly the same as mine. My 2 days of eating ‘eat fit food’ was sugar free, contained plenty of vegetables and raw food, free of wheat, gluten, dairy, red meat and bad fats. It did contain good quality grains, proteins, greens, more greens, was portion controlled and every meal was delicious!

Having my meals for 2 days left conveniently at my front door and knowing that everything I was putting into my body, was taking care of my temple (and my goals!) had me in a world of bliss. Today rolled around and I was like “crap I need to get organised”!

And that there is the biggest problem for so many people! Lack of time and as a result being unorganised. Every single one of my clients are educated on nutrition and how to eat right. But do you think they all put my teachings into practice! NO! And that is the number one excuse.

Now, I know that in 2 days you wouldn’t expect me to notice too much of a difference in the way I feel and to be completely honest I definitely didn’t either! I eat this way 85% of the time anyway. But maybe it was the mix up in different vegetables, the variety of different foods, that ratio of fats/carbs and proteins- but whatever it was – WOW! I feel leaner, energized, my eyes are bright and well, I want more!

Eat Fit Food have plenty of high profile clients, who quite obviously look after themselves and are putting the right foods into their bodies. Hugh Jackman, Deltra Goodrem and Michael Klim are some to name a few. If you are one of those people who really want to look after themselves, look their best and find yourself failing for whatever reason then I can’t recommend this company enough. Visit them at and place your order! I am just ordering my 5 day cleanse now. 😉

Hayley, LMB x