Don’t get out of shape this Christmas!

It’s no secret that most people gain a few kilos or more over Christmas. And I get it- Christmas seems to be a celebration that is all about food and wine, more so than opening presents and spending time with family.

So here are my suggestions for maintaining your fitness and weight this Christmas.

Christmas parties- if you have more than one or several parties to attend over this season then put them in your diary and allocate just one per week of which you will allow your self to drink at. Any others and try just stopping in and being social- sober!! I didn’t drink one drop of alcohol for nearly 3 years of my life once, and believe me it is not that hard to be social and have just as much fun. And the gratitude you feel the next morning makes it worthwhile alone! Also, aim to eat dinner before getting to the function to avoid consuming finger food and blowing out your calorie intake for the day. An accumulation of high calorie days (putting more energy in than out) is what leads to weight gain.

Exercise- Yes, it’s the silly season, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose all fitness. Put your training in your diary for this period and make it happen. There is no point getting half way through January, and realizing you are suddenly out of shape and sitting on the beach in a sarong tried to hide the rolls of flab that have suddenly appeared on your stomach. Christmas morning I have a habit whereby I grab my super fit mum and we go for a bike ride and power walk before tucking into the Christmas feast. I think its fair to say that Christmas day will be one of those ‘cheat’ days.

Post Christmas- After a day of eating all those things we know are bad for us you will find you continue to crave all that bad stuff. Sugar is highly addictive and if you have gone from a sugar free diet (which I hope is all of you!) to high consumption of saturated fats and sugars your body will really let you know it wants sugar again. 2 days of mostly proteins and vegetables will get you back on track and feeling good again. If you spend 2 days giving in to these cravings then you will keep having these problems/cravings everyday and you will be chasing your tail, and most likely putting on weight. So 2 days!!! Proteins and vegetables…

Remember, choosing to be healthy and in good shape involves a decision to change your lifestyle. It is not about being good here and there, drinking, boozing, putting on weight, or doing crash diets. This will only play havoc with your metabolism, digestive system, appearance and decisions! Make a commitment, to treat your body like a temple, regardless, and make this decision because of all the benefits that come with it and because you want to feel good- physically and mentally, all of the time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- it will be the best decision you ever make!

Lots of love

Hayley x

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