What is it about ‘bootcamps’ that has everyone eagerly signing up for training sessions, anticipating miracle results after just one course? Surely it’s not all the sweat, tears and torture that has them lining up in droves!

There are so many fitness businesses popping up everywhere which are primarily focused on marketing bootcamps. However, being in the industry myself, I have come to notice that rarely do any of these businesses actually resemble the stereotypical bootcamp methodology. However, if they were to start promoting their businesses as ‘group training’ which is essentially what it is, I have no doubt their businesses would slowly and surely halve in size.

I’ll tell you what it is that makes the idea of bootcamp so appealing. Presumably, it is not the torture, sweat or tears, but rather, the condensed period of time, and the perceived perception of a ‘quick fix’. In some ways it is not too dissimilar to the miraculous diet pill that will apparently shed kilos off you in just one week. Or, the new machine that will burn centimetres of fat off you almost instantly! No doubt!

It is human nature that when it comes to staying lean, toned and healthy we are attracted to the idea of a ‘quick fix’. For some reason, a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating is simply not as appealing as the short-term solution of anything and everything that promises to help you shed those unwanted kilos.

Allow me to let you in on a secret. When it comes to looking and feeling your best physically, unfortunately there is no miracle solution, and anything that makes these claims does not work. The idea of a bootcamp appeals to people, because of the idea that they can achieve their ultimate fitness and weight loss goals in the duration of the course. Their lives will be complete and they will stand on the beach in their togs while girls and guys stare at them longingly with drool coming from their mouths and envy in their eyes.

It is worth understanding that while yes, you may reach your weight loss goal by completing a bootcamp course, or make great progress toward achieving your goals, the fun doesn’t stop there. Being fit and healthy or maintaining any sort of results achieved means a lifestyle of physical activity and healthy eating. In a nutshell THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!

While this may seem terribly inconvenient, tedious and boring, luckily for us, the benefits of this lifestyle do not stop at looking amazing. You will also find that your energy levels increase ten-fold. Your skin obtains a healthy glow. You bounce out of bed in the mornings with a new passion for life. You get promoted at work due to your new level of productiveness. You stop getting sick every week! And, I could literally go on and take up this entire magazine… So, can I suggest you look at this terrible tedious and boring inconvenience from a new perspective?

Make the decision today to invest in a fit and healthy lifestyle – for life! Sure, go sign up for that bootcamp to kick-start your new lifestyle. But don’t stop there! Continue this way of life and you will not only get to enjoy showing off your great physique, but also reap all the other additional benefits and live a quality of life you had previously only dreamt about. Lucky you! I can tell you now, it will most likely be the best decision you ever make.



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